Sunday, February 6, 2011

My How Time Flies

So it's only been a full year since my last post, I've decided that maybe I could do a little better than that. We have a few thousand pictures of our kids and we need somewhere to display them, since I never print them. So I have a goal to bring some of them to our blog, we will see if the router cooperates. This blog is to show off my three super duper computer (Beylin's favorite words for the best ever) children and to honor my hubby and his greatness. Really my way to journal our journey.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogger and my laptop don't get along.

I have tried and tried to do my posts and everytime it just kicks me off. I am still alive and I will at some future point get a new router to support this habit. Until then you can say Hi to me on facebook.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farewell to Grandpa

On May 28, 2008 my beloved father made his passage to the other side. It has been something he has waited for, but at the same time it was unexpected. I know that he is so much happier and better off and we are better in this life for having him a part of us. On Tuesday, the 27th, we took Beylin, Maysi, and Gehrig up to say goodbye. As we walked in to the hospital room we explained that Grandpa was sick and that he would be going to live with Heavenly Father soon. Maysi said, "if Grandpa is sick we need to bring him some food so he can get better." Beylin, who understood a little more said, that she didn't want him to go and live with Heavenly Father yet. He was in and out of consciousness, but he knew we were there. Beylin touched his hand and got a little closer to tell him that she loved him and goodbye. Maysi kept her distance, but as she left the room she turned back around and said, "I love you Papa." Gehrig also held Grandpa's hand and sat by him for the second and last time since he was born.

We went down to the fountain at McKay Dee and got ice cream, the weather was beautiful and it was peaceful. Beylin asked if she could have a coin to make a wish. She turned and threw the coin while closing her eyes. When she was done she said, "do you want to know what I wished for." I said not to tell us or it wouldn't come true, but she continued to talk and she told us, "I wish that we can be a family together." It was a memorable day and I am glad the kids got to say goodbye.

On Wednesday we took turns being at the hospital and going back and forth, but we knew the time was short. That evening the three children, me and my older and younger brother managed to all be in the hospital room at the same time and within a moment of that happening my dad passed to the other side. We love him, we will miss him and are grateful for the plan of happiness.

I have been trying to upload the picture of my dad for this post, but it just hasn't worked. When I have a chance I will get it on here, it's a fun picture of him just this last Christmas.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gehrig is so Big

Gehrig is such a big boy, he is growing up so fast already. After all he has two big sisters to catch up to. He is already stealing his dad's baseball tie when he gets himself dressed for church :) Actually, this is one of the first times Gehrig starting sitting up on his own, he was very happy with himself.

Is she creative or what?

Beylin decided one Sunday after church that she would surprise us with a piece of art work. She used various items she found to turn the stair post into a person accessorized with Beylin's very own necklace. It can't be seen in the picture but Beylin's "friend" is even wearing shoes. When she was finished she ran to us and said "you have to come here, I've got a surprise for you." She was delighted with herself and we enjoyed it too.

The mullet had to go

After months of going back and forth on whether or not to cut Maysi's hair we (Aunt Staci actually) finally cut it. Here are the before and after pictures. Is that cute or what?

I know, I know, we are really slacking!

I was pretty sure everyone had given up on looking at my blog. But now, Kristy is holding Beylin's bow as ransom and my sister-in-law, Staci, mentioned my lack of posting as well so I guess I will give everyone an update. I tried for weeks to upload videos of my kid's on here and I finally gave up. It think it's because my laptop can not stay connected with the router long enough to upload them, of course, going downstairs to use my desktop is just to much to ask.